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Product information

  • Origin: Parma - Italy.

Nutritional information

Each 100 g of product

  • Proteins: 28,3 g
  • Water: 44,7 g
  • Fats (lipids): 20,9 g
  • Cholesterol: 90 mg
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Weight: 8.82 lb
The Culatello is a characteristic pear-shaped sausage and is prepared exclusively in some communes in the province of Parma, in particular in the region of Zibello, the most renowned with ancient origins.

It is one of the most prestigious sausages of the Italian tradition obtained from the upper part of the of pork haunch removed from the rind and partially from fat. It is made into sausages using a pork bladder bound up with a thick string network and let season for at least 12 months.

Before serving, a slow and careful natural preparation is necessary: the Culatello is freed from the string winded round it, put into running water and carefully brushed.
At this point it must be plunged into a container filled with dry white or red wine for 2 or 3 days. Once removed from the wine it can be skinned and finely sliced.

The Culatello has a rich and refined bouquet which justifies its definition as the king of sausages.

It is excellent when served with butter curls and slices of bread.


Bon bocon

Bon bocon

This is a pure pork salami, prepared only with the best parts of the pig: shoulder, leg and loin The cuts of meat are finely minced and then mixed with salt, spices, natural flavours and red wine.


Boneless Parma ham PDO
Boneless Parma ham PDO

Il Tagliere Valdostano
Il Tagliere Valdostano

Saint Marcel Boneless Ham with Mountain Herbes
Saint Marcel Boneless Ham with Mountain Herbes



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