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About Us was born from the passion for the Italian typical product of the Cretier's Family. After many searches around Italy we tought to promote Italian products in traditional way and through the new and powerful internet's tools. For carry out our project we choose to use the most important Italian Carriers who provides a timely and punctual delivery all over the world. 
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Italian Food Direct by La Buona Italia
Italy is best known throughout the world for offering a variety and diversity of gastronomical cuisine furnishing an extraordinary rich taste satisfying to the palate. This has earned Italy the reputation of being known as "The Belpaese" of food cuisine around the world. Throughout the history of Italy every region, city, and village has developed its own personal touch of creativity as it enters into the realm of fine eating. Thus, not only creating recipes, but utilizing the natural products of each territory combining original ingredients in their richness and skillfully transforming them into exquisite dishes. The beginning of any good product requires certain natural elements essential for producing quality results, for example, fruit grown on fertile soil and in an ideal climate, milk and cheese produced in the rich mountainous pastureland giving it that special alpine flavor, wine from vineyards planted and groomed in the right soil and at perfect angles allowing the sun to naturally sweeten the grapes, let's not forget the farmer that takes pride in his work adding the finishing touches to complete the task. This is how the foods of regions and villages become specialties because each area has a traditional method of working the land, and a unique agricultural heritage which is passed down through the generations, it is an unwritten, yet complex code of agricultural workmanship.
Do we want to renounce all of this agricultural expertise? Do we want a world without flavors, bouquet and aroma? Are we going to settle for poor quality, artificial coloration, and less control over what we eat? Certainly not!
Through Italian Food Direct by La Buona Italia food company we can put you in direct contact with many producers, who are artisans of taste and quality. They are still actively producing quality products throughout the regions of Italy and are ready to satisfy the knowledgeable and curious consumer. To eat well in our day and age requires a pioneer spirit willing to discover the quality of the past, thus experiencing the rich cuisine of the Italian countryside.
Our desire is to assist you in your search for quality food products. Let us rekindle together the emotion of fine eating at an affordable price.
Where we are
We are located in Valley of Aosta. Its' the smallest but most mountainous province in all of Italy. It is in this region that the highest peaks in Western Europe are located. Aosta is fundamentally know for its tourism, but in recent years it has been discovered as an area having abundant value for its treasures of natural agricultural products. Among these products is the world renown Valle d'Aosta Fontina Cheese. For the local Valdostano population it's just their traditional cheese, but for the greater European Community it has been the key that has given Aosta more recognition than Monte Bianco or The Casino of Saint Vincent.
The Cretier family born in the rich heritage of this region had to ask, why wouldn't we make the specialty products of our region available for others? It was through this avenue, that the idea of an Internet commercial site was born. Yes, we are a small region, but we have the desire to open our borders and open an Internet window for you to enjoy even more of Italy's gastronomical delicacies. The results are before your eyes Italian Food Direct by La Buona Italia.
Enjoy discovering and shopping for our products. We are sure you will not be disappointed.
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23 October 2017

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